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The Era of Desensitization

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This concept is pretty simple, and pretty well documented at this point. I think I’d just like to point out that it seems people are generally desensitized to LIFE now. Meaning all aspects. First was the bad news – catastrophes, people being hurt, court dates, etc. on the local news. Then world news, with similar content. More recently, it seems there has become a desensitization to good news too – as previously discussed in my post “Supplying Happiness”. And also a desensitization to controversy – see Miley Cyrus as a prime example, or basically anyone else talked about in Complex, MSN News, or whatever music/entertainment blog or site that you frequent.

So what’s next? What else is there to realize we as a total world community care less and less about because we end up hearing about it every day? We’ve desensitized violence, crime, and other forms of political injustice. Positive stories of people fighting against the odds every day? Check. Controversial cultural icons or subliminal messaging, or not even subliminal just downright in-your-face controversial content just to get you to click on the link to the next page? Check.

I think at this point it might be clear from my previous posts, but I’m worried about the human race. Or perhaps just the youth. Because they are the primary consumers of most of this information. But as they get more used to not caring about the world around them, who knows how they will behave as adults. Predictions of social injustices just out of spite or to break the desensitization wall come to mind. This has already happened for a long time for young kids trying to figure out how to control the world around them (through bullying, or other forms of control). But I’m seeing it at a much larger scale. And it seems that adults are just as willing and eager to hate on each other behind masked walls on the Web, safe in their discrimination against others.

I just wonder what’s next. People are harder and harder to talk to in person these days. They are less and less able to communicate with without coming across as generally disinterested (because they’ve heard of so many more interesting stories before yours) or even antagonistic (if they feel like you’re wasting their time).

Is this trend going to stop?


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