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The next music trend: Local

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This post is along the veins of the social construct post, “Generation 1995-2005”, but tailoring the argument to music.

Access to music has blown up – this is obvious. Of course, this leads to over-saturation. I know many people that feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice. This also leads to the feeling that noone knows what they actually feel connected to the most. It becomes harder to relate to things that are more and more distant physically from you. An example of this is desensitization to violence or disasters. This is well-documented at this point. Many people feel less upset by problems they hear about at another side of the world than those in their own backyard. I believe this concept will feed into music.

Instead of listening to top 40 or even indie groups found around the world, I believe there will be a strong trend towards people going back to their local music trends. Why?

– Physical attachment trumps non-physical

– Communicating with locals makes you feel like a local, which makes you feel a part of a greater community

– Feeling part of a local scene makes talking to people from other places more interesting. Instead of everyone talking about the same #1 song on the radio, they can talk about ‘this guy at that club last night’ and ‘this other guy that i saw last month when i visited this place’. Authenticity will become a real value again

Of course, this idea may lead to some homogeneity, as if people only focus on local, the diversity evidently decreases. But, since more and more immigration/emigration is happening, I believe that the diversity will simply manifest itself in new local acts.

I am much more interested in the local guys making a band down the road than some pop sensation from another country. And I believe this sub-culture will become more prevalent as people get less enthused about things they can’t relate to. I hope in the near future I can say I’m into Seattle music, or Madrid music, or Rio music, rather than pop or jazz or rock and roll.


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